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I’m Julian, but my friends call me Juju. 
I’ve been involved in the “creative” sphere for years, but recently I’ve been lost to the world of academia: I’m currently a graduate student taking courses toward a Ph.D. program and was encouraged in 2020 by two of my professors to pursue writing for a public audience, so here we are!

There’s not much to say, other than how continuously excited I am by The Crown Mindset. I simply love making content for the show, because it serves as an educational experience for me, but also a deeply fulfilling one. 

Best of all, it never gets boring! This show gives me the opportunity to constantly explore new ideas and topics, while connecting it back to the primary goal of The Crown Mindset:
practical self-improvement.

If you ever have any questions, feedback, or topics/books you’d like me to cover on the show, please reach out to me at julian@crownmindset.com!

PS: No, I’m not related to Jon Snow; although I know about as much as he does…

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